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Very fine...

I could use this game for quite a while. The game is simple; the chords are not. Advancing through the chords as they become more complicated -- from 5 chords to 13 chords, can actually build your hearing. And you dont have to know a lot of theory to play it -- just listen with a sharp ear and you can hear the difference.

Could be great, but.......

I really like this concept. But I have several problems with this app. 1. The sound is really teeny. I know theyve warned its best used with speakers, but still, richer sound from a music app isnt too much to ask. 2. The chords should be played by a piano or a guitar. Theyre played by a xylophone (I think). 3. There should be a way we can just restart another game as soon as were finished with one. Right now you have to end and go back to the home screen to start another game. 4. The number of chords we start out with should be waaay lower. Like 4 or 6 for your absolute beginners. 5. Adding a way for us to keep track of our progress would be excellent. A graph or a calendar. Like I said before, I am in serious "like" with this app and could fall in love with it were you to improve it a bit.

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